EW-8012/6090 High precision screen printing machine

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EW-8012/6090 High precision screen printing machine

EW-8012/6090 High precision screen printing machine

EW-8012/6090 Microcomputer Screen Printing Machine is semi-automatic plane screen printing machine. The printing scope is very widely and it can be used for screen printing of many plane bodies such as paper,plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, textile products, leather, etc.

Machine characteristics:

1,The printing table adopts to be supported by four parallel axes, the height of table is adjusted by chain driven by hand wheel, so that the stable degree and adjust properties can be increased. The surface of the table is made of the stainless steel which make the table is hard to scratch and distort, the plane degree of the table is less than 0.20mm, which ensure to get the printing pattern much more equal and clearer;

2,The printing speed reducer and printing knife rest are connected by in-phase belt and guide line, which clean out the shake and glide when the connection rods are connected and can get the printing speed more consistent and stable;

3,The squeegee and ink return blade are controlled by four cylinders and can be adjusted separately at infinite pressure, the printing pressure is large and equal, which increase the service life of the screen frame and the printing quality;

4,The printing is driven by frequency conversion timing which make the run more stably and exactly; The printing course is controlled by inductive switch, it can move quickly and locate on guide line, the fixation mechanism of screen frame also can be adjusted quickly, which reduce the time of exchanging frame and printing and increase the work efficiency;

5,There is snap-off device, and the height of snap-off can be adjusted, which ensure the printing precision and quality of products;

6,The run of whole machine is controlled by the microcomputer. The printing time and printing delay both can be adjusted and shown instantly. The speed of printing and ink returning can be adjusted quickly; There is the safe system of rise back urgently which to protect the safe of worker.

Main Technical Variables:

Max. printing dimension (mm):600×900/800×1200
Max. screen frame dimension(mm):950×1100/1250×1500
Min. screen frame dimension(mm):650×800/850×900
Printing board(mm):800×1000/1000×1300
Max. printing speed(p/h):1200/1000
Overprint precision(mm):≤ 0.12
Paper thickness(mm):~ 40
Instant snap-off height(mm):0 ~ 23
Power:3P 380V 2.6KW/3P 380V 3.7KW
Net gross(Kg):500/600
Overall dimension(mm):1600×1200×1300/1900×1400×1400

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